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Five Ways To Stop A Dog From Digging Holes

Five Ways To Stop A Dog From Digging Holes

The iconic image many people think of when they think of dogs digging holes is the dog proudly putting a bone in it and covering it back up. In reality, this can leave you with a lot of holes in the ground. Here are five ways to stop a dog from digging holes:

1) Stop the bones

If your dog is digging holes because you are giving him bones, I don’t know, stop giving him bones! Try a chew toy as a substitute instead.

2) Make your dog more active

Sometimes dogs just dig out of boredom. Try exercising your dog more often to get him tired.

3) POP!

If you see that your dog keeps digging in the same spots, put a blown up balloon right under the surface. When it pops, it should startle him and give him the idea he shouldn’t be digging.

4) Bring out the waterworks

If it’s summer outside and you are just sitting around anyway, let your dog loose in your yard and wait for him to start digging. When he does, give him a short burst from the hose and repeat any other times he starts again. Sooner or later he’ll get the idea.

5) Adding the extra ingredient

A popular way to get your dog to stop digging is mixing in his own poop with places that he has already dug. Chances are that he probably won’t like what he runs across when he digs there again.

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