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How You Can Keep Your Furry Friends Safe This Thanksgiving

How You Can Keep Your Furry Friends Safe This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time where we give thanks. Thanks for our families, our loved ones and for the friendly, four-legged pooch with his paws on your lap just begging for that last scrap of turkey meat on your plate. While it may be amusing and seem to be all in good fun tossing your pet some of your leftovers, it can also cause a variety of ailments that can make your pooch or kitty uncomfortable or sick. Thankfully, you don't have to exclude your furry friends from the festivities! There are lots of yummy things can your pets can indulge in but it's important to be aware of what they cannot indulge in. But we'll be making the distinction to save you the hassle and make your day a blast for the entire family.

Thanksgiving foods that are safe for your furry friends

Keep in mind that these foods should be unseasoned and given only in moderation.

Pumpkin: This is an autumn classic that will be a hit among your four-legged friends! It's loaded with fiber and aids in digestion. However, skip the seasonings sugar when feeding it to your pets.

Sweet Potato: This moderately sweet food is full of nutrients, such as Vitamins A and C, fiber, potassium and beta-carotene. Be sure that this is served in its pure form and not in candied yams or sweet potato pie which, among other things, tend to include marshmallows, which include xylitol, which is an artificial sweetener that is dangerous for your pet to consume.

Turkey: When unseasoned, this can be a delicious and quite festive treat for your pet!

Green Beans and Carrots: These are two Thanksgiving staples that your pet will adore. Dogs will love the crunch when they're served raw. Both are high in fiber. However, skip the soups and casseroles. Give these to your pet in their pure form without seasoning.

Thanksgiving foods that should be avoided

Stuffing: This treat, while delectable for humans, is a definite "no" for pets. It contains a variety of dangerous ingredients such as onions, garlic and raisins.

Nutmeg: This spice that we tend to associate with the holidays is off-limits for your pet. It's often included in dishes such as pies, cookies, cakes and candied yams.

Chocolate: A favorite for humans but a sweet that should be avoided for pets due to being toxic. So, make sure that you tell your pooch to stop eyeing that triple chocolate cake.

Cooked bones: While the unseasoned turkey meat itself is safe for your pet, the bones are not. Bones can easily splinter while being consumed.

Turkey skin: Another turkey-related treat that your furry friend won't be having this Thanksgiving due to being too fatty and difficult to digest.

Alcohol: Surely, you weren't going to give your pet alcohol but with all the drinks around during the holidays, make sure that none of them are in reach of your beloved pet, as they are toxic.

Remember to feed your pets their festive treats in moderation and in their most pure, unseasoned form for a happy and healthy little friend. For more information on pets and wellness, visit Choice Pet.

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