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Tips For Clicker Training

Tips For Clicker Training

Much of training a dog is about association. That’s the main purpose of having a clicker, a small inexpensive device that makes a distinct clicking noise when you hit the button. By having this tool, you have the possibility of training your puppy more efficiently. Here are some tips on clicker training:

Make a trip to the pet store

Before you start you will actually need a clicker – no surprise there. However, part of the association is also having a reward for your dog. Buy some small treats that you can use to reward him.

Starting the training

To have your dog sit, for instance, you would want to have a treat in one hand and the clicker in the other. Make sure to get the dog’s attention and let him smell the treat in your clenched hand without letting him get it. Tell him to sit and the instant he does, click the clicker and give him a treat. The reason this is used is because it is faster than saying “good dog” and he will know that the clicker is associated with something good.

Repeat this for individual acts several times each day for several days. You obviously don’t want to do this consecutively or you’re dog might get a few too many treats all at once.

What it all means

After a while, when it seems like your dog is starting to understand the concept, start delaying the treats after the clicker. Then, wean him off the treats and just give him pets after you press the clicker. Because of the association with the clicker meaning something good, you will be able to train your dog in other disciplines as well.

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