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Walking Your Dog: 4 Simple Ways to Keep it Interesting

Walking Your Dog: 4 Simple Ways to Keep it Interesting

Walking your dog is an essential activity but that doesn't mean you can't keep it interesting for both you and your dog. These tips below can help you achieve this while keeping safe, too:

Go to new places

As I’m sure you’ve witnessed, your dog loves to experience new sights and smells. Taking a detour from your old walking route will give him an opportunity to mark a new tree. What’s more exciting than that? (For him anyway)

Give your dog new experiences

To spice up your dog-walking experience, why not bring along some treats? Use the time to train him and learn new tricks. Keeping the walking experience new will keep both you and your dog excited for the next outing.

Meeting new people

Often times your pooch will see another pet being walked. The other owner might even approach to meet both you and your dog. You won’t want to reinforce bad behavior by letting him jump up on someone – whether they mind it or not. Keep your dog up on his best behavior for meeting new people and pets. As these encounters happen for often, it will become easier.

Being safe

Always keep an eye out for things that could be harmful to your dog while on your walk. You won’t want him digging into chemicals from someone’s lawn or getting too close to bugs and/or snakes. Usually, the best policy is to just keep to the sidewalk.

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