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Seasonal Allergies: Pets Suffer Too!

Seasonal Allergies: Pets Suffer Too!
It's spring again which means it's time for breezy days, blooming flowers, and the accompanying allergens that give you watery eyes and a bout of sneezes. While you sniffle and blink through your misery, you might not be aware that your furry friends can be suffering, too.

That's right! Pets can get seasonal allergies just like humans.

Watch for Symptoms

Dogs and cats exhibit some symptoms that are just like humans. They might get itchy, watery eyes and start sneezing. Other signs, though, look a little different. Here are some warnings signs to keep an eye on:

  • Excessive licking or scratching
  • Scabbed or moist skin
  • Itchy ears
  • Diarrhea or vomiting

Skin irritation is particularly common and is usually one of the first signs of seasonal allergies in pets. These symptoms can make pets especially miserable as they seek relief from the constant frustration of being itchy and uncomfortable. 

Get the Right Treatment

If you believe your pet is suffering from seasonal allergies, your vet should be able to confirm the diagnosis and offer treatment. Be careful to treat the underlying cause and not just the symptoms or else you could end up in a cycle of misery that changes with the seasons. There are some comforting and preventative treatments you can do at home:

  • Oatmeal-based baths- You don't need to bathe your pet in batches of freshly-steamed oats. Many great shampoos have oatmeal as an ingredient, and they can help calm itchy, irritated skin.
  • Foot soaks- Pets that go outdoors can track allergens in on their feet. A foot soak is a great way to remove these irritants before they cause trouble.
  • Anti-inflammatory diet- Offering foods that are low in grains and high in anti-inflammatory properties can help with allergy symptoms that impact digestion.  

While it can be difficult to see your furry friend in discomfort (especially if you're suffering from your own seasonal allergies), knowing the signs and some ways to combat the symptoms can make it a cheerier spring for you both!

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