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Fur and Hair are not the Same! Grooming Myths Debunked

Fur and Hair are not the Same! Grooming Myths Debunked

Grooming may seem like one of the more extra parts of owning a dog. Pups nowadays come back from the local groomer with colored hair, fur tattoos, painted nails, and more. Groomers are getting more and more creative with their work, which is truly a beautiful thing! However, this more creative side of grooming is likely responsible for the misconception that it isn't a necessary part of owning most breeds. The truth is that grooming and bathing should be taken seriously when caring for a dog. Taking care of not only their coat but their skin and nails as well will keep your pup happy, healthy, and--yep, you guessed it--fluffy. This article debunks some of the more commonly held myths about dog grooming.

MYTH #1: Only some dogs need to be groomed!

There is what some people in the industry refer to as a "groom dog". Groom dogs are those--usually purebred--like Standard Poodles and Yorkies which need to be groomed regularly because they have long or high maintenance coats. These dogs are most likely to end up with matted hair without frequent brushing and trims. Matts are uncomfortable for your pet at the bare minimum but can hide some seriously gnarly skin conditions if not taken care of properly. But there's so much more than that to grooming! Grooming can help dogs with dry skin, skin conditions, long nails, buildup in the ears, buildup in the anal glands, and overall coat feel and appearance. Depending on the services offered by a salon, there are infinite benefits to getting a dog groomed. Service at a groomer's encompasses much more than a haircut. The most significant benefit to regular grooming appointments for any dog is all about their skin and coat. A professional setup and high-quality products make a world of difference. Once your pup is in expert hands, you'll know it. There are shampoos, conditioners, and other products available for every skin and coat concern a dog could ever have and having a stylist that knows how to work with both your pup and his needs will change the texture and overall health of the fur. Moisturized, soft, touchable fur will feel luxurious not only for you but for Fido as well. Imagine how uncomfortable it is to have dry, dirty hair but to feel that all over the body? Shiny, healthy coats are important for every happy pup no matter their fur type or breed.

MYTH #2: Pets need baths infrequently!

Just like what was mentioned earlier, this myth likely comes from the use of low-quality products. Many pet owners wait for long stretches of time in between baths for several reasons, but one of the biggest culprits is the idea that excessive bathing will dry out your pet's skin. The truth is that using the right shampoos and conditioners and equipment as well as taking into account your pet's individual needs will keep them from seeing any adverse effects from bathing. Where could one find all of these things in the same place? At a grooming salon. Groomers are typically more than happy to talk to pet parents about the needs of their dogs and can even tell you how often a dog should come in for a bath depending on breed and which products are used. Frequency can range from two to six weeks, but it's most important to remember to research both products and breed when deciding how often to bathe your dog. Dogs like to feel clean, too. Appropriately frequent bathing will not only improve skin and coat but also keeps your dog socialized and facing his or her fears in calm and often familiar surroundings! That's the bonus of the day and it's a really great one.

MYTH #3: Human shampoo is just as good as pet shampoo!

You need not look any further than the ingredients lists for this one. There are typically very few similarities in ingredients for a reason. Dog's have different skin than humans, namely because their skin has a more neutral PH level. This means that more acidic shampoos, like the ones we use on ourselves, are the fastest way to dry out your pup's skin and fur. Not only that, but there's a reason we call all of that fluffy stuff that dogs have fur and not hair and it isn't just because it's nature's natural fashion statement. Fur and hair, like down and feathers, are very different. Some dogs--the hypoallergenic type--do have hair instead of fur. (Note: Human shampoo is still bad for these guys! Remember their sensitive skin!) Human shampoo and dog shampoo are, as a result, formulated to cater to the needs of either fur or hair, never both. Finally, you should always reach for specially-for-pets shampoos and conditioners when you're bathing your pet because human shampoos won't be able to address any skin conditions your pup may have. Always try to inspect your dog's skin when you want to bathe them or try a new shampoo! It's just as important to choose the right kind of shampoo for them as it is for you when you reach for the curl enhancing, moisture-locking, damage control product of your dreams.

Dogs love to be pampered and so do we! But it's important to know the difference between unnecessary pampering and necessary maintenance. Grooming is definitely necessary maintenance...up until pink glitter on the toes or a husky with a red mohawk!

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